6 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every month. That’s almost an hour for every person on Earth. Video production is a convincing and powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience. This is not infomercials here, we’re talking about compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.

That’s what we do. We make stories that bring your business to life. We transform your product or service into a three-dimensional solution that your target audience can connect with. Here is how we do it:

Let’s get started!

We’ve all seen those amazing videos shown by your competitors. We also realize the power of Video in engaging with clients and partners. But video is not cheap! A typical production runs:

  • Camera Operators: $400-650/day
  • DP: $650-800/day
  • Sound: $400-650/day
  • Editors: $1750-4250/week
  • Story Producers: $1650 – 3K/week
  • Senior Producers: $1750-2500/week

So a week shoot to get enough footage for a 5 minute video can run $15,000-$30,000

We know that most small businesses can’t afford that kind of budget. That is why BrightSpot focuses on high quality, cost effective videos that catch find your audience but doesn’t bankrupt your marketing budget!

Our team is standing by and ready to start strategizing your next video project. Whether you need to make one video or several, we’re excited to give your project the attention it requires. Immediately after we receive the information below, we will contact you to schedule a short phone call so that we can learn about your audience, your goals, and any additional requirements.

After our discussion, we can start designing a custom proposal which will include a detailed description of your project and all of the costs involved.

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